Introducing Destei’s new cute Golden Retriever illustrations for fellow Golden owners and lovers of the breed.

If you are smitten by the wonderful Golden Retriever dog breed or you know someone who would be delighted to receive a Golden Retriever themed gift, welcome to browse the wide selection of all kinds of Golden Retriever themed products and make some unique finds.

About The Design

This new Golden Retriever design is an updated version of Destei’s previous Golden Retriever illustration. The design is more detailed now and the dog has a more expressive face. I wanted to capture that happy and kind look of the breed that I see every day with my own darling Golden Retriever Sophie.

The design features a dog with friendly looking eyes and expressive eyebrows framing her face as she smiles wide exposing her pink tongue. The dog’s fur, nose, eyes and paws are also a lot more detailed and there are even some light whiskers on the muzzle.

Coat Colors

Destei’s Golden Retriever design is available in three different coat colors. The lightest one is called English cream while the classic golden yellow color is simply named yellow. The third coat color variation is the darker mahogany red typical for the hunting line Golden Retrievers. These three coat color variations allow for customers to choose the design that most resembles their own Golden Retriever or simply the kind of Golden look they prefer the most.

New Themed Background Scenes

There are numerous new background options available for Destei’s new Golden Retriever designs. For example, you can shop Destei’s Golden Retriever design placed in an agility scene, camping scene, hiking scene, beach scene, farm scene or Halloween themed scene. You can even shop birthday theme Golden Retriever party invitation cards, wrapping paper and paper plates to host a memorable Golden Retriever themed party. Grieving pet owners whose Golden Retriever has passed away and crossed over to the rainbow bridge might enjoy Destei’s new personalizable rainbow theme Golden Retriever memorial design on various keepsake type products.

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Golden Retriever Design Products By Destei