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Introducing Destei’s new Pug dog breed illustrations that are now available for Pug owners and lovers of the breed.

Welcome to shop the designs on clothing, tote bags, phone cases, coffee mugs, pet tags and numerous other products. These adorable Pug design products can be personalized with custom text and background colors making them a cute gift idea for any Pug lover.

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About The Designs

Destei’s cute cartoon Pug dog illustration pictures the dog standing and looking toward the viewer. The dog has a small and stocky looking body with a tail that curls over the dog’s back. Some fluffy parts are drawn on the dog’s face, chest, stomach, hind legs and tail to give the dog’s fur some life.

The dog’s expression is typical to a Pug. The muzzle is short and the mouth is closed. Some lines are drawn around the dog’s face to express the wrinkles that some Pugs have. The dog’s eyes are big and they are brown in color. The face is framed by the dog’s button style ears that fold down. Thin and slightly curvy lines are drawn as the dog’s eyebrows and whiskers. Extra skin rolls can be seen on the dog’s neck due to the fact that the dog’s head is turned to the side creating these creases on the excess skin.

Fawn Pug Dog T-shirt Design By Destei
Black Pug Dog Pillow Design By Destei

This adorable Pug dog illustration comes in two different coat colors. The colors are fawn and black.

The fawn coat color features a light beige color on the body and head, but there are black details on the dog’s muzzle, around the eyes, ears and on the tip of the dog’s tail. These dark details give the dog that “black mask” look known to be seen on fawn color Pugs.

The black color Pug design has some highlights on it, but the overall look is dark. Similarly to the fawn coat color, also the black color Pug design has brown color eyes.

These two coat colors are great for Pug owners and admirers of the breed to be able to find the kind of design that resembles their dog the most or simply the kind of Pug look that they prefer the most.

Fawn Pug On Pink Hearts Design Ornament
Fawn Pug Birthday Design Card
Fawn Pug In Winter Design Gift Tag

There are a few different kind of background options available for these Pug designs. The collections page is a good place to see all the available themes.

If you like these Pug Dog illustrations, welcome to check out all the available Pug design products in the Pug section.

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Pug Dog T-shirt Design By Destei