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Introducing Destei’s new Rhodesian Ridgeback / African Lion Dog breed design printed on various products starting from apparel and tote bags to mugs, keychains, pet tags, Christmas stockings and more. Welcome to browse and discover cute Rhodesian Ridgeback gifts that can be personalized with custom texts and background colors.

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About The Design

Destei’s new Rhodesian Ridgeback dog breed illustration pictures the dog from the side as it stands and his head is turned towards the viewer. The dog has a slim yet strong looking body with a thin tail drawn in a relaxed position. The dog’s large ears fold downwards and frame the dog’s face.

The dog’s rich brown coat color is digitally hand-painted creating detail. There are darker markings painted around the dog’s eyes and muzzle. The ears and the tip of the dog’s tail are also slightly darker mimicking the look of a real life Rhodesian Ridgeback.

On the dog’s head one can see painted forehead wrinkles. These wrinkles on the dog’s head are a known breed characteristics for Ridgebacks. Also the dog’s back has been shaded ever so slightly to honor that unique back that this breed is known for.

Different Backgrounds To Choose From

There are a few different background design options for Destei’s Rhodesian Ridgeback dog illustration. Check out the collections page to discover cute Christmas backgrounds and birthday backgrounds together with other themed backgrounds.

Personalizable Products

Each product can be personalized with custom names whether the name of a pet or a person. Some products already have a pre-made text template on them which makes personalization quick and easy. The font styles and colors can be adjusted to match one’s own taste.

Customers can also customize the background color for the products. All of these personalization possibilities make these Rhodesian Ridgeback design products a great gift idea for that Ridgeback lover in one’s life. Welcome to browse around!

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