Introducing Destei’s new Rottweiler dog breed design and its two different color variations. You can shop the designs on a number of products starting from clothing and home decor items to notebooks, keychains, tote bags, pet supplies and more. If you are a Rottweiler lover, welcome to browse around and make finds.

About The Design

Destei’s original cartoon Rottweiler illustration features a happy dog standing and looking towards the viewer. The dog has a smiling face expression showing off a pink tongue. The dog’s brown almond shape eyes add to the friendly expression.

Typical to the breed the dog’s body is strong build and the head is rather large looking. The dog’s pendant shape ears are set close against the head and the dog’s jaw looks strong and wide mimicking the real life Rottie look. The dog has a natural long tail that points down in a relaxed position having a slight bend in it towards the tip. The tail has a few fluffy hairs on it just like Rotties do.

This Rottweiler design is available in two different coat colors. The colors are black and tan and red and tan. The tan markings on the dog are placed on the face, neck, chest and legs.

There are multiple different background styles to choose from starting from beach and agility scenes to festive Holiday designs and more. Welcome to look around and discover cute Rottweiler theme products from the large selection of items.

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Rottweiler Design Products By Destei