The Company

Destei is a graphic design company focused on product surface design. Through third party print on demand companies customers can purchase products that feature Destei’s designs. Find Destei’s designs on T-shirts, leggings, mugs, tote bags, phone cases, pet supplies, stationery and more.

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The Platforms

Shop products featuring Destei’s designs through the following print on demand companies: Zazzle and Society6

The Designer

“Destei is a combination of my two passions; art and animals.”

Hi, I’m Outi and I’m the designer and owner of Destei graphic design. I love to create whether it is making actual artwork, writing articles, tinkering on websites, taking photos or doing interior design related projects. As a dog person I mostly enjoy drawing dog illustrations in cute cartoon style. I like the challenge of trying to capture the little details that make each breed look like they do starting from the shape of the dog’s body to the colors of the coat.

When I’m not designing, you will most likely find me jogging or hiking with my own dogs as we explore the forests around us or stomp the trails of wetlands. I love what I do and I hope that my work can bring you even a sliver of the happiness I feel when I create it.

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