Third and last Dachshund design type has arrived!

You may have already seen Destei’s previous smooth hair and long hair Dachshund designs. Did you know that doxies also come wire haired?

Well, now you can also find cute wire haired Doxie gifts in Destei’s Dachshund section. Welcome to shop cute wire haired Dachshund T-shirts, tote bags, phone cases, mugs and more products designed with wiener dog owners and fans in mind. Destei’s cute Dachshund designs are suitable for adults and children alike.

About The Design

Destei’s original wire haired Dachshund dog breed illustration pictures a cute dog with short legs and a long back. The hair type is coarse which can be seen in the details of the dog’s chest, ears, eyebrows, head, belly, hind legs and tail. One very notizale feature for this breed and coat type is also the longer hairs that grow on the dog’s muzzle creating a fun mustache type look.

Coat Colors

Destei’s wire haired Dachshund design is available in three different coat colors. The colors are black and tan, wild boar and wheaten. Each dog design features brown color eyes albeit the black and tan version has slightly deeper brown eyes than the other two. The black and tan and wild boar coat colors have tan markings on the legs, chest and face while the wheaten color design features one color throughout.

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