Introducing Destei’s new German Shepherd Dog design products for all the GSD owners and lovers of the breed. Welcome to shop T-shirts, leggings, mugs, pet bowls, pillows, blankets and more products that have cute German Shepherd designs printed on them.

The products are personalizable which means that customers can change the background color of the product as well as add or personalize text. Font sizes, styles and colors can also be personalized.

For example, customers can personalize a pet bowl with their pet’s name on it or a phone case with a person’s name on it. Personalization is especially easy when products featuring pre-made text templates are used.

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About The Designs

Destei’s German Shepherd Dog breed illustrations picture the dog standing strong and looking towards the viewer. The dog’s big ears are pricked up and the almond shaped eyes have a nice rich brown color to them. The dog’s back curves ever so slightly downwards towards the fluffy tail that is placed in a relaxed position. The dog’s coat is of medium length showing some fluffy parts on the dog’s cheeks, chest, stomach, legs and tail.

Some products are designed to show only a close-up of the dog’s head which brings out all the little details of the dog’s face even better.

German Shepherd Dog Design Coat Colors By Destei

This cute GSD design comes in five different coat colors:

Each of the color variations are hand-painted digitally resulting in detailed shading. The dog designs resemble their real life counterparts while having an artistic illustrated look to them. The selection of the many different coat colors allows for German Shepherd Dog lovers choose the design that most resembles their own dog or the kind of GSD they prefer the most.

A quick way to shop by dog color is to look through the German Shepherd Dog collections page.

The German Shepherd Dog designs are available on different kind of background settings. Customers can choose a custom solid color background with a decorative texture (that is removable), a snowy winter forest design background, a festive Christmas design background with a Christmas tree and presents or a colorful birthday theme background including a cake with candles, birthday balloons, a bunting banner and presents.

Welcome to make some cute GSD design finds.

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