Meet Destei’s updated Golden Retriever dog breed illustration. The previous design is, while cute, a more simple illustration of the breed. With the new design the goal was to bring in more of those little details that make Golden Retrievers look like Golden Retrievers while still keeping the cartoon look of the dog. You may notice the new dog design has a lot more details in the dog’s ears, tail and even the coat colors got a slight adjustment.

Destei’s updated Golden Retriever dog breed illustration is available on numerous products starting from clothing items such as T-shirts and leggings to home decor products and pet supplies.

About The Design

This update was inspired by my very own Golden Retriever Sophie. I really wanted to capture more of her details in the illustration. Sophie was truly my muse and model for this artwork as I designed the feathering of the front legs, those adorable little fluffy hairs on the dog’s ears, the dog’s tail position and how those hairs flow down etc. I feel like this new design captures the look of Golden Retrievers better than what my old illustration did.

This design update was created during the Holiday Season which inspired for some fun Christmas theme backgrounds for the dog as well. You can shop products where the dog is placed in a festive setting including a Christmas room that has a fireplace and a Christmas tree. In another design the dog is standing outside in a winter wonderland.

I’m so happy to publish this cute new Golden Retriever design to all you fellow Golden Retriever owners and lovers. For now the old design will be available as well for those of you who may prefer it over the updated design.