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Decorating With Candles

Candles make great accent pieces for any space. They can look decorative just as they are, but once lit their ambient light can transform a room into a cozy haven. Candles are especially lovely during fall and winter time when the weather becomes cooler and the daylight can be sparse.

When it comes to decorating with candles, it can be a lot of fun as long as one keeps safety in mind. Zazzle’s product page for their scented candles does a good job at explaining what to look out for when dealing with candles. However, assuming that a candle is placed in a safe environment under a watchful eye, here are a few inspirational photos and ideas on decorating with candles:

When placing a candle (or candles) on a coffee table, put it on a tray or a trivet for a polished look.

Stacks of books or magazines under a candle can give it some well needed height. Just remember to keep safety in mind.


Photo by: Anita Austvika

Candles in lanterns can look especially nice. The design of the lantern is also a way to express one’s style. A person with a modern minimalist style might choose a lantern with clean lines while someone else might prefer a more decorative lantern. Many lanterns can often be used either indoors or outdoors.


Photo by: Libby Penner

Candles On A Table

Photo by: Nadia Valko

Candles are also often used as a decoration on a dining table. By mixing tealight candles with higher tapered candles and pillar candles one is able to create an eye-catching centerpiece.

Lighting up some candles in the bathroom when taking a bath is a way to create a relaxing experience.

Candles And Flowers

Photo by: Destei

By creating a collection of decorative objects together with candles, one can often make a lovely arrangement. Think sculptural decor and accent pieces, plants, flowers, vases and so on. Getting matches in a decorative container could also be something to keep in mind. Remembering the rule of thirds often assures for a cohesive setting that is pleasing to the eye.

Upcycling The Candle Holder

Once a candle is finished burning, one could always clean the container from the leftover wax and upcycle it. Freezing the candle often allows for the wax to come off rather easily. Should you wish to learn more about the process, below is a link to a useful article about the subject.

Better Homes & Gardens: How to Get Wax Out of a Candle Jar (and Creatively Upcycle It)

Scented Candles And Pets

Did you know that certain scented candles and essential oils may be harmful or even toxic to pets?

Here are a few links to articles discussing the matter:

Doyalson Animal Hospital: What Dog Owners Need To Know About Scented Candles And Oils

Great Pet Care: Are Candles Bad For Dogs?

Pet Poison Helpline: Essential Oils And Dogs

Zazzle’s Scented Candles

As of today Zazzle’s scented candle product pages read that the burn-time is 36 hours, the candles are paraffin free and that they are made of 100% soy. The scent is vanilla sandalwood and the dimensions are: 10.5 oz. W 3.14”, L 3.14”. H 3.6”

Zazzle also shared this sneak peak of the real product.

Shop Personalizable Scented Christmas Design Soy Candles

Customers can shop Destei’s festive Christmas designs on these scented candles available on Zazzle. Many of the designs are easy to personalize with custom photos and text. The font styles and colors can be changed, if so wished. The customization allows for customers to create personalized candles thus making these candles a thoughtful gift idea for the upcoming Holiday season.

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