New cute dog breed design is now available for all you Dachshund dog owners and fans! This is a breed that has been requested a couple of times, so I’m very happy to announce these new Doxie designs for all you Dachshund moms and dads!

Numerous Dachshund Colors Available

Destei’s original long coat Dachshund dog breed illustration comes in 12 different coat colors including black and tan, piebald patterns, dapple patterns, red sable, cream and even Isabella and tan. This large coat color selection allows for you to find the Dachshund design that most resembles your own dog or the kind of Dachshund you prefer the most.

Destei Design Long Hair Dachshund Dog Breed Illustrations

Lots Of Dachshund Theme Products To Choose From

You can shop Destei’s Dachshund dog illustrations on T-shirts, hoodies, leggings, socks, mugs, mousepads, tote bags, notepads, stickers, phone cases, pet bowls and various other product types. Whether you are looking for a Doxie keepsake for yourself or for that someone special in your life, welcome to make finds!

Destei Design Dachshund Dog Products On Zazzle

Make Personalized Dachshund Products On Zazzle

Destei’s Zazzle store offers some personalizable Dachshund products. For example, you can find a cute Dachshund design mug, pet bowl, fleece blanket or a towel that can be personalized with your name or your pet’s name. The personalization is easy – just replace the sample text with your own.

Coming Up

More Dachshund designs are on the way. Stay tuned for smooth and wire hair Dachshund designs!


Welcome to visit the Dachshund page to start shopping. The external links there will lead you to the manufacturer’s website which is where you can place your order.