Happy National Hedgehog Day!

Today is the perfect day to introduce Destei’s new Hedgehog design. You can shop the design on numerous products including T-shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, socks, pillows, mugs, notebooks and more. You can even organize a hedgehog themed birthday party complete with hedgehog design invitation cards, party hats, paper napkins, paper plates, party favors and more. When you shop via Zazzle, you can personalize the products with custom text and background colors. Need a hedgehog shirt that reads your pet’s name? Or maybe you would like a pink background color instead of green? Easily personalize the items and make them truly special just for you!

Whether you have a hedgehog as a pet or you admire them from afar, these cute hedgehog design products are perfect for any hedgehog lover.

About The Design

Destei’s original hedgehog design is a cute cartoon illustration of the African Pygmy Hedgehog. The animal is standing up and it is pictured from the side.

The hedgehog’s feet and nose have light pink color on them while most of the body is covered in quills, just like hedgehogs are. Each quill was individually added to the design for a more realistic end result.

The hedgehog has a smiling face expression. The eye is brown and looking towards the viewer. The pink paws have visible nails that have a light color to them. The ear, eye and nose have light shading and the face is framed by long whiskers.

There are also different background scenes available for this cute hedgehog design. You can find the design placed on a solid background color option, a birthday scene background option and a background that features pink hearts.

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