Introducing Destei’s new Papillon and Phalène dog breed designs with their long flowy coats and extroverted happy face expressions.

The designs and their many color variations are available on numerous products including T-shirts, leggings, tote bags, mugs, notepad, pet bowls and more.

If you like these designs and are a lover of the breed, welcome to browse the Papillon and Phalène section of the site to make cute finds.

About The Designs

Destei’s Papillon and Phalène illustrations are cute drawings of the breed. In these designs the dog is standing up and pictured from the side. The dog is looking towards the viewer with a joyful expression where the eyes are big and the dog’s pink tongue is slightly visible. The dogs have luxurious draping hair around the tail, chest, stomach and legs. The tail curves over the dogs back.

What separates Papillons and Phalènes from each other are their ears. Papillons have erect ears with long and flowing hairs forming the look of butterfly wings as they frame the dog’s face. Phalènes on the other hand have drooping style ears. In fact, did you know that Papillon means “butterfly” and Phalène means “moth” in French?

The designs are available on different kinds of background settings. There are paw print backgrounds, birthday theme backgrounds, heart pattern backgrounds, Christmas backgrounds and more.

Many of the products are also personalizable with custom text which means that you can, for example, write your pet’s name on the item.

Destei’s Papillon and Phalène illustrations come in four different coat color options as well as a silhouette design. The colors are:

  • Black And White
  • Red And White
  • Red Sable
  • Tricolor
  • Silhouette

This selection of different coat colors allows for Papillon and Phalène owners and lovers of the breed to find the kind of dog design that they prefer the most or the kind of design that resembles their own dog the most. You can use the Collections page to shop by coat color or theme.

Learn About The Breed

Photo by: Blue Bird

Did you know that Continental Toy Spaniel is another name for Papillons? Or that this breed is one of the oldest toy breeds?

Welcome to learn more about the Papillon dog breed in this article. The article will briefly touch on the breed’s history, temperament, health, care etc.

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