Introducing Destei’s original cartoon illustration of a cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed dog. The design is available in four different coat colors and on numerous different kind of product types starting from clothing and home decor items to pet supplies, stationery and more.

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About The Design

Destei’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog illustration features a cute dog sitting and looking towards the viewer with a happy face expression. The dog has long hanging ears, the eyes are big and brown and the fluffy tail lies to the side of the dog.

The design is available in four different colors typical for the breed. These colors are blenheim which is a brown and white color combination, then there is a black and tan version where the black color fur has some tan markings on the dog’s face and body, thirdly there is the tricolor version which includes a white base color that has black and tan details and lastly there is the all brown color called ruby. This selection of colors is a great way for customers to find the design that most resembles their own dog or the kind of Cavalier dog breed color they like the best.

The designs have different kind of background colors and settings available depending on the product. You will be able to find the dogs on gray paw print backgrounds, fun color splash backgrounds and even as a pattern or as a large close-up of the dog’s head. There are also a few products that feature a cute cartoon girl illustration next to the dog.