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Summer is in full swing and spending those sunny days at the beach can be fun for both us humans and our dogs, at least if you have a dog that likes to swim. I know what it’s like to have a dog that is like a fish in the water (see the photo above :)) and how much fun it is to take such dog to the dog beach and enjoy the day.

Dog Beach Essentials

Here is a list of some things that could be useful to bring along to the dog beach:

  • 1

    Drinking water and a water bowl for your dog

    Always make sure your dog has access to water whenever he needs to.

  • 2


    Although the sun and warm weather are great at getting dogs dry, they might not always have time to do the job before it’s time to hop in the car and go home. Thus towels for drying your pet come in handy. You can shop my dog breed design towels over at Zazzle.

  • 3

    Floating water toys

    If your dog likes to play in the water and fetch toys, don’t forget to bring some floating water toys with you.

  • 4

    Cleaning items

    Any dog owner knows that dog poo bags are a necessity to carry around. However, I also like to bring some wipes and trash bags with us to the dog beach just in case there is something to clean up… such as dirty paws.

  • 5


    Sometimes there are no large trees casting shadows at the beach or other shaded areas. I recommend bringing along your own beach umbrella, so both you and your pet have a shaded place to be at.

  • 6


    My dogs always have their identity tags attached to their collars. If your dog is going to be spending time off leash, it is a good idea to have him wear a pet tag just in case he gets lost. You can browse my pet tag designs in my Zazzle store. View dog breed design tags here and miscellaneous tag designs here.

  • 7

    Long leash

    If you don’t want to or can’t let your dog off leash at the beach, it is a good idea to bring along some kind of long leash so that your dog has room to play or swim around. A retractable type leash could work or a light weight nylon type of leash, for example. Just make sure the leash doesn’t get tangled around your dog, bushes, trees etc.

  • 8

    First Aid Kit

    This is something that is always a good thing to have in handy in case a minor accident happens.

  • 9

    Life Jacket

    If your dog is not a good swimmer, make sure he is wearing a life vest and always keep an eye on him.

  • 10

    Be Aware Of Local Dangers & Heat Stroke

    Besides the things above it is also good to be aware of the local dangers that exists in your area. Take measures to protect your dog from ticks, snakes, strong currents etc. Also keep your pet cool and know the signs of heat stroke.

    If you travel with a car to the dog beach, remember to never leave your pet in the car, even for a moment! It only takes a few minutes for the car to turn into an oven and dogs left in hot cars can die within minutes from a heat stroke! Always keep an eye on your dog and make sure that they are safe.

    Also it might be a good idea to avoid feeding your pet dinner right before and after visiting the dog beach. Personally I am always worried about bloat / GDV, so my dogs never exercise right before or after eating. I also always like to give my dogs a quick shower after going to the beach to flush off the possible dirt and the smell of the lake.


This article covers some essential items and things to keep in mind when visiting the dog beach, if one wants to feel prepared. Remember to bring along water for your dog, towels, poo bags, beach umbrella and the like. Never leave your dog in a hot car or have him eat right before or after heavy exercise.

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