Introducing Destei’s new German Boxer dog breed design created with Boxer lovers and owners in mind.

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About The Design

The design is drawn in black and white color making it a timeless looking illustration. There are black outlines for the body and the shading is done in a stylish digital ink wash style.

In the design the dog is pictured standing and looking towards the viewer. The dog’s body looks strong and muscular. The dog has a natural long tail as well as uncropped downwards folding ears that are of medium size.

Probably one of the most known features of Boxers are their short muzzles which is of course pictured in this design as well. You can see some creases painted around the muzzle and a few wrinkles added on the dog’s forehead. The dog has some light markings on the face, feet, chest and tip of the tail. The dog’s long natural tail points upwards in a slight curve making the dog look alert.

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