Lately I have been loving French Bulldogs thanks to some adorable ones I have seen both online and in our local dog park. I think that there is just so much cuteness and character in such a little package. Thanks to my recent Frenchie love I couldn’t resist drawing this breed again so here we are with a brand new French Bulldog design.

Welcome to shop Destei’s new Frenchie design and its sixteen different color variations on T-shirts, hoodies, leggings, pillows, phone cases, pet bowls and all kinds of products. Find the perfect gift for that Frenchie lover in your life.

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About The Design

In this design the French Bulldog is pictured from the front in a sitting position. I wanted to capture that small and stocky body of theirs in a different way than before.

If you are familiar with the French Bulldog dog breed, you might know that it comes in multiple different coat colors and patterns. There are solid colors such as black, blue, chocolate, isabella and fawn. Then there are Frenchies with different kind of markings such as merle, tan, sable, brindle and piebald. Take any of the solid colors and combine it with the markings and all in all, you end up with numerous different looking French Bulldogs.

Because French Bulldogs are such a popular breed (second most popular in US in 2020 according to American Kennel Club), I decided to create the largest color selection I have ever made for this breed. You can find Destei’s new French Bulldog illustrations in sixteen different coat colors at the moment. I hope that this large selection of colors enables for you to find the kind of Frenchie look that you prefer the most or the kind of Frenchie that you have in your life.

I also put a lot of work in the colors of the dog’s eyes and nose. I wanted these features to match the dog’s coat. You will see a blue merle French Bulldog have beautiful bright blue eyes while a black Frenchie has deep dark brown eyes, for example.

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