Bringing a new family member in your life is exciting and it’s good to be prepared for the big day. Raising a puppy is a lot of work, so getting ready and being organized in advance can be a big help in a new situation. It will allow you to stress less and simply be able to focus on your new puppy.

This list covers everything from general dog gear to health related supplies and more. However, as with everything, all dogs and families are different and thus this list may be extreme for some while others might even need to add onto it. Please use your own consideration as you go through it.

In the end of the post you can also download and print my free puppy checklist printable.

General Dog Supplies

Dog Grooming And Health Care Supplies

  • 1

    Nail clippers and / or nail grinder

  • 2

    Brushes and combs

  • 3

    Toothbrush and dog toothpaste

  • 4

    Cotton balls and ear cleaning solution

  • 5

    Dog shampoo

  • 6

    Bath towel(s)

  • 7

    Pet Thermometer

  • 8

    Dog First Aid Kit

Other Dog Supplies

  • 1

    Puppy safe chewing bones / toys

  • 2

    Puppy safe treats for training

  • 3

    Reflective harness / collar / leash

  • 4

    Pet-safe household cleaning supplies

  • 5

    Binder for important papers and records related to your pet

Extra Tip

Don’t forget to save your veterinarian’s contact number in your phone in case of an emergency. If your area has a pet ambulance service, save their number in your phone as well.

Free Puppy Supplies Checklist Printable

Below you can find my free puppy supplies checklist printable that includes items mentioned in this article. Save the image and print it to use it.