October is here and that means that the spooky season has arrived and Halloween is just around the corner. Many celebrate Halloween by carving out some pumpkins, putting up Halloween decorations, hosting Halloween parties and going out trick or treating (during non-pandemic times that is).

However, when it comes to us dog people, have you considered getting your fluffy family member involved in the festivities too? Well, here are some ideas how you can achieve that.

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1. Dress Your Dog In A Costume

A big part of Halloween is to dress up and wear costumes. These days pet stores are full of all kind of fun Halloween costumes made specifically for dogs. Crafty people can even pull out their sewing machines and make a costume on their own.

Gentle reminder: Please never make your dog wear a costume if he is uncomfortable doing so. Also always make sure that the costume does not restrict your dog’s movement or breathing in any way. Also ensure that the costume does not have any dangerous or harmful parts that your dog could end up chewing or swallowing and thus getting hurt.

2. Opt For Costume Alternatives

Is your dog opposed to wearing a costume? That’s ok. Here are some alternative ideas on how you can still add some Halloween spirit to your dog’s look.

  • Does your dog like to wear bandanas? Maybe you could get one with a Halloween print on it (remember safety just like with costumes).
  • Have your dog wear dog collars and leashes with Halloween designs on them.
  • Have your dog wear Halloween design ID-tags. A pet tag may be small and less exciting than a costume, but it makes a cute detail to your dog’s Halloween look nevertheless. Your dog might also appreciate it more than a costume.
  • Attach a Halloween design bow tie on your dog’s collar.

To get you started for some ideas, welcome to browse Destei design Halloween design pet supplies.

3. Wear Matching Costumes With Your Dog

Continuing with the costume theme, have you considered wearing matching costumes with your dog?

Here are some ideas:

  • Hot dog & condiment such as ketchup
  • Police officer & criminal
  • Bat & ghost
  • Princess & gentleman in a tux
  • King & queen
  • Superhero costume for both
  • Become characters from your favorite movie or show
  • Get creative with your dog’s breed. Have a herding breed dog? Let him be himself and dress yourself as a shepherd or sheep, for example.

4. Decorate Your Dog’s Nook

Do you like to decorate your home with Halloween decorations? Well, don’t forget to include your pup’s area as well. You could get a Halloween design dog bed or a blanket for him. You could also swap his food bowls and placemat to more spooky ones for the season. You could also hang some Halloween theme posters or garland above your dog’s bed or nook.

Notice: Always remember to keep your dog’s safety in mind. Never let your dog have access to any decorations that could be of danger to him.

5. Carve A Pumpkin

Learn how to create a stencil out of a photo and carve your dog’s face shape on a pumpkin. If that seems like too much, you could also choose to carve his name or initial, a paw shape or a dog bone shape instead.

6. Take Some Halloween Photos

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Here are some Halloween photoshoot ideas for dog owners:

  • Have your pet pose next to some pumpkins.
  • If your dog is fine with wearing a costume, you could do a photoshoot of your dog wearing one or even multiple different Halloween outfits.
  • On the other hand you yourself could dress up instead and simply include your dog into your photo as himself.
  • Take photos at a spooky location such as old ruins, a creepy forest, an old barn (I’m imagining this as a haunted house) or anywhere else you think could fit the theme. For inspiration above is a photo of my dog I edited for one Halloween. I took the photo during our summer road trip to an old nunnery. The ruins made for a fun Halloween theme photo with some simple photo manipulation.
  • Decorate your porch or backyard in Halloween decorations and do a photoshoot there. Consider taking your photo in the evening just so that you can light up some led candles in lanterns to create an extra spooky atmosphere.

Remember that you could turn pretty much any photo of your pet into a spooky Halloween image with some photo editing magic. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece as it’s all just for fun.

7. Send A Halloween Greeting

If you managed to get some fun Halloween photos of your dog this year, you could share them with your family and friends by sending them a special Halloween greeting. Also if your dog doesn’t have his own Instagram account yet, what a better time to start one than with his adorable Halloween photo? Let the world see his cuteness!

8. Host Or Join In A Costume Contest

Whose pet is best dressed? Whose pet looks the funniest? Consider hosting or joining in a fun pet costume contest. Since we live in a pandemic, you might want to opt for hosting a virtual party. Invite your friends to send in photos of their pets wearing cute Halloween costumes. Make the event extra fun by creating multiple categories that pets can win in.

Here are some pet costume contest category ideas:

  • Most creative costume
  • The scariest looking costume
  • The funniest looking costume
  • Overall best costume

9. DIY Halloween Treats For Your Dog

Did you know that pumpkin has a lot of health benefits for dogs? (Source)You could research some delicious pumpkin dog treat recipes and cook them for your dog.

If pumpkin is not part of your dog’s diet for whatever reason, you could always consider making treats in different Halloween theme shapes instead using ingredients you know your dog likes or is not allergic to. Think pumpkin, bat, ghost and skull shapes, for example.

10. Visit a Pet-Friendly Halloween Festival

Scout out your local Halloween events and find a pumpkin patch or other Halloween theme event where pets are allowed to join in. If you know that your dog finds such events fun and not stressful, consider taking him and having a memorable autumn day out with your four legged friend.


Ten different ways how to include your beloved dog to your Halloween festivities from dressing up in costumes to visiting a pet friendly pumpkin patch.

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