Pet identity tags are an important and a rather affordable accessory that all pet owners should consider attaching on their pet’s collar or harness. They are a quick way for strangers to contact a lost dog’s owner and as a pet owner it gives you that extra peace of mind knowing that your pet has a better chance of finding his back home in the unfortunate case that he goes missing. Plus with many pet tag designs to choose from, you can select a tag that expresses either your own or your dog’s personality and style.

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Pet Tags Prepare You For The Unexpected

Here are a few reasons why dogs might go missing:

  • The dog’s prey drive took over and he ran after a wild animal or a scent.
  • A loud noise or something else unexpected startled the dog and he fled.
  • The dog’s leash was too worn out and it broke unexpectedly.
  • A door or a gate was left open. Tip: Get our “Dog in yard – Keep gate closed” yard sign to help inform your visitors to close the gate.
  • Sudden accident happened such as a fire or a car crash.

As you can see, there are many reasons why pets can go missing and these were just a few examples. Pet identity tags can help pet owners be more prepared in case the unexpected occurs.

Pet Tags Have Benefits Even For Microchipped Dogs

While microchipping pets is important, it is not always as quick and effortless as a pet ID-tags can be. Personally I would consider the microchip as a good backup plan while making sure that my dog is wearing a pet tag with my phone number on it.

3 Reasons For Microchipped Dogs To Wear A Pet Identity Tag

  • 1

    To read the information on a microchip one needs a certain tool, a chip reader. Usually such tools are available at pet shelters and veterinary clinics. Think about the random person who might end up finding your lost pet. For them it is so much easier to read the owner’s phone number off a tag than to transport the dog to a place where they can check the information on the chip. While we want to believe that people will do the right thing, you have to realize that not everyone is willing or able to go through that effort.

  • 2

    It can take a longer time for the owner and for the pet to be reunited when trusting only in the microchip. When a pet is lost every minute counts and pet tags are a simple and effective way to communicate the owner’s contact information.

  • 3

    A dog wandering on his own might come off as a stray, but a dog that is wearing a collar and tag means that he has a home. This might make some people more comfortable in approaching your pet and helping him find his way back to you.

Informative Pet Tags

Pet tags can be used for more than just to display the owner’s contact information. They are a practical way to inform people about a dog’s medical condition such as food allergy, diabetes or epilepsy and they can be used to spread the awareness of a blind dog or a deaf dog. See the pet health and wellbeing section for such designs.

You could also put a mention of a cash reward on a pet tag, if you think that it will increase the chances of your dog finding his way back home should he go missing.

Pet Tag Options

While there are numerous different pet tag options out there, I’ll talk about the options that you have through Destei’s Zazzle store.


Round Printed Pet Tags In Two Sizes

There are the round printed pet tags that come in two different sizes: 0.88” diameter (small), 1.25” diameter (large). They are made of 100% recycled steel according to Zazzle. I have created numerous different designs on these tags often with easy to personalize text areas for the pet’s name and for the owner’s phone number. Since the text areas are personalizable, one could replace the pet’s name slot with an e-mail address or a second phone number instead, if so wished.


Silver Pet Tags

Another pet tag option available are the UV resistant and water proof burnished silver pet tags. These tags are probably a good choice if you need a tag that will last for a longer period of time.


Personalizable Collars

If you don’t want a pet tag that dangles on a keyring making jingle noises when your dog moves around, you could consider a personalized dog collar instead.

I have created numerous dog collar designs with a personalizable text area. While the sample text often reads a name on it, you could easily replace the text with a phone number instead.

Zazzle’s dog collars are sold in three different sizes and they are adjustable. Be informed though that these dog collars are not recommended for dogs that twist or pull as stated on the product page.


Hopefully this article about the importance of pet identity tags was helpful to you. Take your time finding the perfect pet tag for your dog whether you are looking for a specific design to match your dog’s personality or simply the kind of tag that displays your pet’s information clearly.

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