The world is very technological these days so why not give a tech theme name to your pet too? I think that a puppy named “Pixel” or “Data”, for example, sound so cute! Use this list for some tech theme pet name inspiration.

Congratulations on your new puppy and happy name hunting!

  • Ajax

  • Apex

  • Beta

  • Bit

  • Bot

  • Byte

  • Cache

  • Chip

  • Cloud

  • Coder

  • Data

  • Digi

  • Div

  • Domain

  • Flash

  • Gif

  • Giga

  • Java

  • Link

  • Pixel

  • Python

  • Rails

  • Ram

  • Raster

  • Ruby

  • Serif

  • Spam

  • Tag

  • Vector

  • Wifi

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