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How It Works

Destei’s artwork is licensed to third-party print-on-demand companies. All products featuring Destei’s designs are made to order and sold by these third-party print-on-demand companies through their own websites. The print-on-demand companies handle the production, payment, shipping, returns and customer support of each order.

Certain products that Destei designs on these print-on-demand platforms are displayed and promoted on Destei.com. By clicking a shop or a product link on Destei.com, visitors will be directed to that particular company’s website and from there an order can be made.

This business model allows for Destei to be able to offer customers a wide range of products while concentrating on designing new artwork.

Destei designed products are currently available on Zazzle.

About The Products

The products are made to order and the product selection is large. Each print-on-demand company has their own range of products that they offer. To see each company’s full product catalog, please refer to their websites. However, products that you may find Destei’s designs on often fall in the following categories:

  • Clothing: T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, leggings, kids clothing…
  • Home: Throw pillows, blankets, shower curtains, towels, mugs, water bottles…
  • Accessories: Tote bags, backpacks, phone cases, face masks…
  • Office: Notebooks, stickers, cards…
  • Other: Wrapping paper, coasters, doormats, yoga mats…

Sales And Offers

Each of the services often run sales and offers for their products on their websites. Please refer to their websites to learn about current deals. For example, Zazzle has a coupons and promotions page (affiliate link) on their website.


Welcome to contact Destei anytime for design related questions.

All questions related to orders, payment, shipping, returns, refunds, product information etc. must be directed to the company through which an order was or will be placed from. Please refer to the links below.

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