September 24, 2019 Destei

Name Ideas For Your New Puppy

It can be a difficult task sometimes to find the perfect name for your new puppy. If you need inspiration, here are some fun name themes to think about when trying to come up with the right name for your new family member.

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Flower names

Flowers often have beautiful and timeless names that also work for people and pets. Girl puppy owners might like names such as Dahlia, Lily, Aster and Rose.

Names of colors

Look through a list of color names to see, if any one of them strike to you as the name you have been searching for. I think that Aero, Fallow, Teal and Cerise, for example, make for nice pet names.

Place names

Is there a city you would like to visit or a place that is somehow meaningful to you? Think of names like Paris, Tokyo, London and Texas, for example.

Gemstone names

Gemstone names are probably pretty classic names for both people and pets. Maybe the perfect name you are looking for is Ruby, Opal or Topaz.

Names of planets

Another great idea is to think of planet names. Could your puppy’s name be Mars, Venus or maybe Saturn?

Brand Names

Many brand names work as dog names too. What is your favorite car brand? Who is your favorite fashion designer?

Character names

What if you named your puppy after your favorite character from a TV-show, movie or book?

Something that is significant to you

Think about things that are meaningful to you and maybe you can come up with a name that way. For example, a graphic designer might name their pet Pixel, a baker’s dog could carry the name Sugar and someone who loves gardening could own a dog named Jasmine.

Names of materials, objects and things

Naming a puppy is fun and it doesn’t need to be serious, if you so decide. Pretty much anything can be a great pet name starting from food to random objects. Play with name ideas such as Aqua, Silver, Copper and Muffin for your puppy.

Human names

Many human names work for pets too. Though, a tip is to stay with the shorter names as it is advised to have only one or two syllables in pet names. Does your puppy look like Lucy, Emma or Max?

Detail in puppy’s appearance

Take a look at your puppy. Are there any distinguishing features in him / her? Maybe your puppy has blue eyes making Blue the perfect name.

Browse my dog name lists

Hopefully these name themes has helped you in your search for finding the perfect name for your pet. If you still need name suggestions, check out my pet names page for even more name ideas.

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