August 24, 2020 Destei

New Cute Chihuahua Dog Breed Designs Are Here!

Did you know that Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world? Whether you have one of these adorable little ones as a family member or if you just simply love the breed, you can now shop Destei’s new Chihuahua designs on many products such as T-shirts, tote bags, mugs, phone cases, pillows and more! These Chihuahua items make for a great gift idea for any Chihuahua lover!

Destei’s new Chihuahua designs come in both long and smooth coat type. In these designs the dog is standing up and looking towards the viewer with a smiling face expression. The dog has big eyes just like Chihuahuas do. On the long coat version there are strands of hairs that float down from the dog’s ears, chest, belly, tail etc. The dog’s tail goes up and curves right above his back just like it does on many Chihuahuas in reality.

Both the smooth and long coat Chihuahua dog breed variations are available in several different coat colors including solid colors such as black and chocolate brown as well as tricolors, merles and more. This large dog color selection will help you to find the kind of design that resembles your own dog the most or simply the kind of dog that you like the best.

If you love the Chihuahua dog breed, take a look at Destei’s selection of adorable Chihuahua products now and make finds!