September 9, 2020 Destei

Jack Russell Terrier Dog Breed Products Now Available!

Jack Russell Terrier dog breed designs are here! Shop adorable JRT illustrations on T-shirts, tote bags, mugs, blankets, phone cases and many more products. Perfect gift ideas for those who love the breed!

Destei’s new Jack Russell Terrier dog breed illustrations are available in smooth coat and rough / broken coat versions. The rough coat version has some longer hairs on the dog’s face, chest, tummy, tail and legs. In these JRT designs the dog is standing up and looking towards the viewer with his almond shaped eyes. The legs are short and the dog’s back is long. The tail is designed to resemble the natural undocked Jack Russell Terrier tail and it curves up slightly above the dog’s back.

Destei’s Jack Russell Terrier designs are available in three different coat colors. The colors are black and white, white and tan (brown) and tricolor.

Show your love towards the JRT breed by wearing a cute Jack Russell T-shirt, by decorating your phone with a JRT phone case or drink your morning coffee from a mug featuring this cute breed. Whether you are looking for a Jack Russell Terrier dog breed gift for yourself or for someone you know, take a look at these cute designs and make finds!