November 25, 2020 Destei

Yorkshire Terrier And Biewer Terrier Dog Gifts Now Available!

Are you a fan of either the cute Yorkshire Terrier or the adorable Biewer Terrier dog breeds? Or maybe both? You can now shop Destei’s new Yorkie and Biewer Terrier illustrations on T-shirts, leggings, hoodies, pillows, bags and more products! Perfect gift ideas for all Yorkshire Terrier and Biewer Terrier fans!

Destei’s Yorkshire Terrier dog breed illustration features a cute little dog that is standing and looking towards the viewer. The coat is of medium length and the dog has a naturally long tail that is pointing up. The design comes in three different coat colors. These colors are black and tan, blue and gold and chocolate brown.

While the Biewer Terrier is its own breed, it is still very similar looking to the Yorkshire Terrier. Thus I used the same dog design for the Biewer Terrier as for the Yorkie and just gave it the Biewer Terrier color. You will be able to find the shop links for the Biewer Terrier on the Yorkshire Terrier page as well as on its very own page. I hope you will be able to find the design that resembles your own dog the most or the kind of dog you like the best.

Browse all the designs through the links below and make finds!