October 28, 2019 Destei

Updated Shiba Inu Cute Cartoon Dog Breed Design

It’s been quite a few years since I created my Shiba Inu dog breed designs and I have now updated them. I wanted to try and capture the look of the breed all over again. My goal was to find even more of those little details that make Shibas look like themselves. The biggest difference between the old and the new design is probably the body shape that includes various updates starting from the length of the back to the way the ears sit on the dog’s head.

Not only is the shape of the dog is new, but I also updated the coat colors and markings for the dogs. I feel like they are a tad bit more accurate now. The coat colors for this design include the old black and tan, red, sesame and white. Beside the old coat colors I also created two completely new colors for the dogs. These new coat colors are cream and red sesame.

Shiba Inu Cartoon Dog Illustration Design By Destei

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I hope you Shiba Inu dog breed owners and lovers like these new designs as much as I did creating it!