January 15, 2021 Destei

Shetland Sheepdog Design Update

New and updated Shetland Sheepdog / Sheltie dog breed illustration is now available on various product types such as T-shirts, hoodies, leggings, tote bags, mugs, phone cases, pillows, stationery, pet supplies and more!

Shetland Sheepdog Bags Destei Dogs

Meet Destei’s updated Shetland Sheepdog illustration. Just like with all design updates, the goal was to capture the breed even better than before. You may notice the new design has much more detail in the dog’s hair especially. The coat colors and patterns were adjusted as well not to mention the whole shape of the dog’s body. These new Sheltie dog designs are much fuller and fluffier looking than the old designs.

This Shetland Sheepdog illustration update was inspired by my own Sheltie. When I was coloring the new tricolor Sheltie design I was literally glancing over at my sweet girl sleeping by my feet to see how the coloring on her body looks like. 🙂

I hope you fellow Shetland Sheepdog owners and lovers like these new Sheltie designs as much as you have the old one. The old design will still be available for those of you who prefer it over the new design, for a while at least. However, the old design may get archived in the future to make space for fresher designs.

Hop over to the Shetland Sheepdog dog breed page through the link below to find all the shop links and make some finds!