September 19, 2020 Destei

Parson Russell Terrier Dog Breed Illustrations On Products Now Available!

Jack Russell Terrier dog breed designs recently arrived. We now have the very similar Parson Russell Terrier dog breed designs available as well. You can now shop Destei’s cute Parson Russell Terrier artwork on apparel, home decor items, phone cases and more products.

Destei’s Parson Russell Terrier illustrations look similar to our Jack Russell Terrier designs, but there are a few differences. The Parson Russell Terrier design comes with a shorter back and longer legs than the JRT version. The markings on the body has also been changed. Otherwise these two designs are very similar. Just like the Jack Russell, Destei’s Parson Russell Terrier is also available in white and tan, black and white and tricolor coat colors. The designs come in both smooth and rough/broken coat versions.

Make cute finds by browsing Destei’s Parson Russell Terrier designs through the link below!