October 4, 2020 Destei

New Bichon Frise Dog Design

You can now find Destei’s new Bichon Frise dog illustration on a variety of products such as clothing items, bags, mugs, phone cases and more.

This new Bichon Frise illustration replaced Destei’s old design that was a few years old and in due need for an update. The main goal with this new design was to have the dog keep its caricature look while resembling a real Bichon Frise dog just a little bit more than the old design did. This new design features more details in the dog’s face, tail and body structure. The overly fluffy coat has been toned down as well. Hopefully all of you Bichon Frise owners and lovers enjoy this new illustration as much as you did the old one.

Bichon Frise Mug And Bag Destei

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