September 28, 2020 Destei

Danish-Swedish Farmdog Products Now Available!

Are you a fan of this old dog breed whose roots are in Denmark and southern Sweden? You can now shop Destei’s new Danish-Swedish Farmdog dog breed illustrations on apparel such as T-shirts, hoodies and leggings, home decor items such as pillows and blankets, stationery items and many more products.

Destei’s Danish-Swedish Farmdog illustration features a cute dog standing and looking towards the viewer. The dog has a kind face expression and his long tail points up. The dog has markings on his head, body and tail. The design is available in three different coat colors. The colors are black and white, brown and white and tricolor. Hopefully you’ll be able to find the design that best matches your own dog or simply the kind of dog you like the best from these three color options.

If you like this cute Scandinavian dog breed, take a look at the available products in our print on demand shops and make finds!