March 7, 2021 Destei

Cute Rough Collie Dog Breed Products

Are you a Rough Collie dog owner or maybe you just adore the breed? You can now shop Destei’s new Rough Collie dog breed specific designs on numerous products such as T-shirts, phone cases, pillows, mugs, bags, blankets and more!

This cute Rough collie illustration features a cute dog standing and looking towards the viewer with a kind face expression. The dog has extremely fluffy looking fur, especially around the neck and chest area. The dog’s ears are folded from the tips, the eyes are almond shaped and the long and fluffy tail is in a relaxed position pointing down.

This adorable English Collie design comes in three different coat colors. The colors are blue merle, tricolor and sable. These color options allow for you to choose the kind of design that most matches the look of your own dog or simply the kind of Collie you like the best.

Browse all the Rough Collie designs through the link below and make finds!