October 12, 2020 Destei

Cute Havanese Dog Breed Design T-shirts, Bags, Mugs And More!

Are you a Havanese dog breed lover or owner? Know someone who adores this toy breed originating from Cuba? You can now shop Destei’s cute Havanese dog breed illustrations on T-shirts, leggings, mugs, tote bags, pillows, pet bowls and many more product types!

Celebrate your love for the Bichon Havanais dog breed by wearing a T-shirt featuring an adorable Havanese dog caricature, drink your morning coffee from a fun Havanese decorated mug or carry your belongings in a cute tote bag that is sporting a cute Havanese dog illustration, for example. Don’t forget that in our Zazzle store you can find personalizable pet bowls, dog beds and pet ID-tags for your dog too!

Destei’s Havanese dog breed illustration features a cute dog that is looking towards the viewer with a kind face expression. The dog has medium length fur, round eyes and it is available in multiple coat colors. The solid coat colors include black, white, silver, chocolate and fawn. There are also a few piebald colors as well as a brindle and black and tan color to choose from. This large selection of different Havanese coat colors is sure to help you find the one that looks most like your own dog or the kind of dog you like the best.

Browse all the different Havanese dog designs and available products via the Havanese page: