August 4, 2020 Destei

Back To School Backpacks, Totes And Duffle Bags

We are already in August of this year and before we know it the leaves will start to change color as the fall approaches and the summer is coming to an end. For many this time of the year means it’s time to get ready for school and do some back to school shopping. One of the necessary items to have ready for the new school semester is a backpack or some other bag that will help students carry all their other school supplies such as planners, pencil cases, notebooks and so on.

Whether you are looking for your first ever backpack or you need to replace your old worn one, take a look at our selection of cute pet design backpacks, duffle bags and tote bags.

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Backpacks are a typical bag for many students to carry their belongings in. Sometimes the look of a backpack makes a statement or gives an insight into the person whose accessory it is. Show your love towards animals with the help of Destei designed backpacks.

Duffle Bags

If backpacks aren’t your thing or you need more space for your sports equipment, for example, take a look at duffle bags at Society6.

Duffle Bags

Tote Bags

Tote bags are such versatile bags and if you are in need of a lightweight bag for a few necessities to carry around, maybe a tote bags is just what you need.

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