A new design is now available of a dog breed known not to bark a.k.a. the barkless dog and it is the elegant Basenji. Destei’s new cute Basenji dog breed illustration was created in black and white color scheme giving it a simple yet timeless look. The dog’s graceful essence was captured with the dainty body structure, long neck and a proud face expression as the dog’s almond shape eyes look towards the viewer. Basenjis often get wrinkles on their forehead which is a detail that can also be seen in this design. Typical to the breed the dog in this design also has a tightly curled tail and prick ears.

Shop Products With This Design

Are you a Basenji owner or maybe you know someone who adores the breed? Destei’s Basenji dog design can be purchased on numerous products through third-party print-on-demand companies. Find cute Basenji design T-shirts, mugs, mousepads, keychains and even pet products including food bowls and ID-tags.

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Personalized Products

Shop Destei’s Basenji design products on Zazzle for personalizable items. Use the design tool on Zazzle to change the product’s background color or add custom text with your chosen font, for example. There are also products available with a premade text templates on them for a quick customization. Easily write your own name or your pet’s name on an item to make a truly special product. Personalized products make great gifts as well.