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Show the world around you how much your pup means to you with the help of these Valentine’s Day theme design dog collars, pet tags, bandanas and other pet supplies including lots of hearts and the colors of pink and red.

These designs may have been created with Valentine’s Day in mind, but they actually work all year around if you are looking for heart and love type accessories for your pup.

Many of the products have an easy to personalize text area on them which means that you can write your dog’s own name on the product to create a truly special item that will be cherished for a long time to come.

Pet Bowls

Lovely heart theme pet bowls that are personalizable with a custom name. These pet bowls designed by Destei on Zazzle are available in two sizes which are small (25oz. 2.5″ height, 5.75″ diameter) and large (40oz 3″height, 7″diameter). The bowls are made of 100% white ceramic and the product page reads that they are both dishwasher and microwave safe.


Celebrate Valentine’s Day or simply express how much your dog means to you, by dressing him / her up in a cute heart design bandana. These pink and red color bandanas designed by Destei on Zazzle can be personalized with your dog’s own name.

Gentle reminder: Please remember bandana safety when it comes to your pet. Never make your dog wear a bandana if he / she is uncomfortable doing so. Also always make sure that the bandana does not restrict your dog’s movement or breathing in any way. Never leave the bandana on your dog without supervision.

Pet ID-tags

Pet tags are a quick and easy way to change up your dog’s every day look. They are also practical because each of these Destei designed pet tags on Zazzle can be personalized with the name of the pet and the owner’s phone number.

Dog Collars And Leashes

Add vibes of love to your dog’s look when you are out and about together with the help of these Destei designed dog collars and leashes on Zazzle. The collars are sold in three different sizes and they are adjustable. The leashes have two 0.75″ x 12″ panels where the design will be printed on. Please note that the collars are not suitable for dogs that twist or pull.

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