As much as I love summer, I think that fall might be my favorite season. I just love the slightly colder breeze after a hot summer, I love hiking and seeing all the vibrant colors of the nature, I love curling up in a blanket on a cool fall evening… There are just so many things to enjoy about fall.

If you are loving this fall time like I am or if you are looking to get into that autumn spirit together with your pet, here are some autumn theme pet supplies. Discover fall design pet bowls, leashes, pet tags and more. Choose from multiple different designs and personalize the products with your pet’s own name.

Disclaimer: Destei may receive commission, if you make a purchase from the links used in this post.

Autumn Color Plaid Pattern Dog Supplies

The always classy and in style plaid pattern is a great way to implement some fall color to your home, style or your pet’s look. For this fall I created two new plaid pattern designs using the lovely colors of this time of the year. In these patterns you can see muted tones of red, orange, brown and even a some dark green. On one of the designs I added some white color in the mix too to give it a bit of a fresher and brighter look.

You can shop dog beds, collars, leashes, pet tags, pet bowls and more products featuring these new plaid pattern designs. Many of the items have an easy to personalize text area on them which means that you can personalize the product with your dog’s name to make it that much more special just for you and your pet.

Plaid Pattern 1 – Shop The Collection On Zazzle

Plaid Pattern 2 – Shop The Collection On Zazzle

Pumpkin Design Pet Supplies

What would the fall season and the upcoming month of October be without pumpkins? We have pumpkin lattes, pumpkin patch festivals, pumpkin spice, pumpkin carving, Halloween Jack O’lanterns… so many pumpkin things are happening in the fall. If you like pumpkins, take a look at Destei’s pumpkin design dog tags, collars, food bowls and more. You can’t really go wrong with one of the most popular symbols of fall.

Shop Destei’s Pumpkin Collection On Zazzle

Apple Design Pet Supplies

Apple season is said to be around September and October, so I thought it was only fitting to create some fresh apple designs. I illustrated a green and a red apple and created a few different variations with them. Whether you are looking for autumn theme pet supplies or maybe your pet’s name is in fact “Apple”, these apple fruit design dog collars, pet tags, dog beds and more might just be what you are looking for.

Shop Red Apple Design Products On Zazzle

Shop Green Apple Design Products On Zazzle

Shop Red And Green Apple Design Products On Zazzle

Colorful Autumn Leaves Design Pet Supplies

On a beautiful autumn day on a walk with my own dogs, I collected some colorful leaves. These designs are a result of those leaves. I think I was lucky to find so many differently shaped leaves not to mention all the lovely color combinations they had going on. You can find the design on a pet bowl, leash, collar, dog bed, bandana and a pet tag as well as on some other products.

Shop The Autumn Leaves Collection On Zazzle

Cute Running Fox Design Pet Supplies

Lastly we have this cute illustration of a running red fox and some colorful autumn leaves. Perfect for the fall season or for dogs named “Fox” or “Foxy”, for example. This design is available on a collar, leash, dog bed, pet bowl, bandana and a pet tag as well as on some other product types.

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