As a dog person there’s hardly anything better than sliding on a pair of sneakers or hiking boots and grabbing a dog leash to go for a good walk with a four legged friend. Are you a dog walker by profession looking to attract new customers? One way to advertise your business could be to spread around flyers in your area. Flyers are great because they can be handed out to people personally or they can be pinned on public bulleting boards, for example.

Take a look at Destei’s dog walker flyers available on Zazzle. These flyers are easy to personalize with your own text and business information. You can even change the font style, size and color in the design tool, if you wish. Use these stylish dog walker flyers to gain more exposure in your area and hopefully attract new clients that could use your services.

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Dog Walking Business Flyers

Dog Walker Business Cards

If you are looking for dog walker business cards to promote your dog walking services, take a look at these personalizable business cards below. Let these stylish dog walker business cards leave a professional first impression in your clients minds. Some of the designs match the flyers presented above, so you can get a matching set to create a coherent marketing plan your dog walking business.

Other Dog Walker Gear

Once on the walk with your client’s dog, you can advertise your services by wearing promotional gear on yourself. Spread the awareness of your dog walking business with the help of these dog walker products.


A list of products for dog walkers to be able to promote their business. Shop dog walking business flyers and business cards as well as some other promotional products including clothing and accessories. I hope these personalizable dog walker products can be of help to you as you advertise your dog walking business. Welcome to visit Destei’s Zazzle store for all dog walker products and everything else it has to offer.