It is well-known that aerobic exercise such as running is a way to lose weight and maintain one’s overall health. However, did you know that anaerobic exercise such as strength training has many benefits too? Well, whether you like to keep fit and active the aerobic or anaerobic way or maybe even both, here are some cute woman illustrations on different kind of products representing both exercise styles.

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Express your active lifestyle with the help of these fun products featuring Destei’s fitness women illustrations. The designs are also great for personal trainers who wish to promote their business with the help of flyers and business cards. Gym owners looking to decorate their facility with fun and exercise inspiring art may like the wall art related products.

Deadlifting Woman Illustration

This design features a beautiful brunette woman wearing an orange tank top and black tights. She is deadlifting a heavy barbell while standing on a purple color exercise mat. On the mat there is also a blue water bottle.

Whether you like the conventional or the Romanian deadlifting style, this design is great for women whose exercise regime includes the deadlifting move. The personalizable water bottle is a customer favorite. Never mix your water bottle with anyone at the gym ever again when you can keep an eye on the bottle that has your own name written on it in a beautiful cursive font.

Strength Training Woman

This design is an illustration of a beautiful long haired brunette woman who is wearing a green color tank top and black leggings. The woman is standing on a pink color training mat that also has dumbbells and a blue water bottle on it. The woman is doing shoulder presses with two light dumbbells.

The products featuring this design is a great gift idea to any woman who likes to keep their muscles toned and strengthen their body with the help of weight training. Gift that active woman in your life a tote bag that has been personalized with their own name, for example.

Running Woman

Destei’s running woman illustration comes in two variations. In one the woman is running on a treadmill while in the other one she is surrounded by hearts indicating the fact that she loves running. The hearts are hot pink in color and the background color is often light pink, so this particular design is extra girly / feminine. The woman is wearing a pink color T-shirt, tight black leggings and lime green sneakers. She is in a running position where one of her legs is high up about the take a step. The woman has long brown hair that is placed in a low ponytail.

Are you a woman who enjoys hitting the trails to stay healthy and active? Or maybe you know a person who likes to run and are looking for a gift idea for her? These running woman illustrations are a great way to express one’s love towards this particular activity.

Promotional Products For Personal Trainers

Are you a personal trainer looking to promote your business?

These fitness woman illustrations are a great way to leave a nice first impression to your clients as you hand out your fliers and business cards to them. The products are easy to personalize with your business name, information and offers.

Help people reach their fitness goals by getting the word out about your personal trainer business with these fun personal trainer promotional products.


Whether you are an active fitness lover or you have a personal trainer business, these sporty woman illustrations by Destei are a great way to express one’s love towards exercising.

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