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Destei’s original cartoon illustrations of a cute Ibizan Hound breed dog. The design comes in two different coat types and a few different coat colors. The designs are available on numerous products starting from clothing and home decor items to stationery and pet supplies.

Personalized products

Many of the products available on Zazzle have an easy to personalize text template on them. This means that you can write your dog’s name or other custom text on the item. Make the products truly special by personalizing them.

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Smooth coat:

Wire Haired:

Destei’s designs of the elegant and slender looking Ibizan Hound or Podenco Ibicenco as its also called are available on all kinds of products. This beautiful and intelligent dog originates from Ibiza where it was originally used to hunt rabbits.

About the design

This is Destei’s original cartoon illustration of the Ibizan Hound breed dog. I had a lot of fun drawing this particular breed with it’s big ears and slender body. In the design you will see the dog standing and looking towards the viewer. The dog has almond shaped eyes. Most of the designs feature brown color eyes while the white color dogs have a light green / gray eye color instead. The color of the nose is pink in all designs albeit you will see it slightly lighter when it comes to the white coat color versions. The dog’s tail is long and it makes a curved shape upwards in a typical way for the breed.

This design comes in smooth hair and in wire haired versions. The smooth coat dog has some hair details on the belly, chest and tail. The wire haired version illustrates a coarse hair type all around the dog’s body. The coat colors for the smooth coat are red and white, white and red and white. The wire haired dog colors are red and white and white.

Are you an Ibizan Hound owner? Maybe you know someone who likes the breed? Destei’s Ibizan Hound dog illustration and its variations can be purchased on all kind of fun products starting from T-shirts and hoodies to pillows, phone cases, tote bags and more. Whether you are looking for a keepsake for yourself or a gift for someone you know, welcome to browse around and make finds.

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