Are you a dog lover who just can’t get enough of their pet? Do any of these things in this list match you? Here are 30 signs you know you are a complete dog lover when…

  1. You have at least one dog and wouldn’t mind more.
  2. Dog hair on your clothes no longer bothers you.
  3. Or in turn you have a lint roller in your home, purse and even in your car’s glove compartment.
  4. You are always on the lookout for cute new dog names even though you are not even planning on getting a new fluffy family member at this time.
  5. You love teaching new tricks to your dog.
  6. You have started a new dog related hobby together with your pup such as agility, canicross, hiking, bikejoring, lure coursing, flyball, obedience training etc.
  7. You have met with fellow dog owners and done “doggie dates” in the dog park just so your dog gets to play with his/her friends and be social.
  8. You love to learn about new dog breeds.
  9. You have become better at photography just so you can capture your pet better. You may have even taken a photography class.
  10. Your phone is full of photos of your dog.
  11. You have donated to dog shelters or done volunteer work.
  12. You will proudly wear a dog design face mask or other dog related apparel and accessories.
  13. Reading dog blogs is your favorite pastime. You may even run a dog blog of your own.
  14. You like to watch dog related videos online. Dog training, health, entertainment… you like it all.
  15. You have given your dog multiple nicknames and he/she can recognize at least one of them.
  16. You follow dog accounts on social media.
  17. Your dog has his/her own social media account run by you.
  18. Your home is sprinkled with dog beds just so your pup can be comfortable no matter the room.
  19. Your dog receives birthday gifts and Holiday gifts just like everyone else in your family.
  20. Your dog has his/her own Christmas stocking.
  21. You stay home on New Years Eve instead of going out to make sure your dog feels safe when it’s time for fireworks.
  22. You like making homemade DIY dog treats for your pup.
  23. You love shopping accessories, toys and other fun things for your dog.
  24. You feel happy when you see your dog happy.
  25. You bring your dog with you everywhere you can.
  26. Sometimes you watch TV sitting on the floor rather than being comfortable on your couch just so you can play with your dog at the same time.
  27. You chose the model of the car you drive with your dog in mind.
  28. You don’t mind watching your dog play in the mud and getting dirty even though you know it means bath time once back at home.
  29. You love talking about dogs with other people.
  30. Photos of puppies make you say “aww” every time.