In the 90’s fanny packs were used by both children and adults alike. Then these handy accessories disappeared from fashion and one could only spot them on tourists on vacations if even then. That is until the recent years. Fanny packs have been brought back and once again this fun and practical accessory is available for everyone to enjoy. Some people like to wear fanny packs while jogging and others snap it over their shoulder as a fashion statement while getting the benefit of the storage they provide.

I have come to realize that fanny packs are a practical dog owner accessory. They are great for storing some dog poo bags together with other essentials such as keys and a phone. I often even attach a separate dog treat bag on the belt as well and I’m all ready to go for a hike or jog with my dogs!

Whether you are a dog owner looking for a way to carry your things with you while out and about with your pup or if you are on the hunt for the next fashion accessory, I welcome you to browse the fanny packs that I designed over at Society6. I decided to make these mostly black with the dog motif on the front. I figured that black goes well with pretty much any outfit. Visit my Society6 store through the link below to browse all the available fanny packs.

Shop Link: Buy on Society6

This article was originally posted in my old blog on July 2nd, 2020