Custom Christmas Chocolate Boxes

POSTED ON 09.27.2014 | CATEGORIES: Seasonal

Christmas is approaching fast so it’s a good time to start thinking about gift ideas for your family and friends. This Holiday season you can surprise your loved ones with delicious Belgian chocolate that comes in a custom wrapped box featuring your own name!

We have designed several cute and stylish chocolate box templates which are easy to customize with your own name. Choose from cute ice skating penguins to snowman or whimsical Christmas tree chocolate box designs to gift the people in your life. Whether you are looking for a gift for your family member, friend, neighbour, co-worker, boss or anyone else, we are positive that Destei’s cute Christmas themed chocolate boxes will be well liked!

Chocolate box info:

  • 100% Belgian chocolate.
  • Assortment of 45 piece milk and dark chocolates (you can also choose a 2 pound milk or dark chocolate bar).
  • Cocoa beans sourced from responsibly managed family farms in the Ivory Coast and Ghana.
  • Chocolates made in Belgium with the finest European ingredients.
  • Box dimensions: 7.75” x 13.5” x 0.75”; Weight: 16oz.
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Featured Christmas chocolate boxes:

This chocolate box design featuring two cute ice skating penguins in festive outfits is perfect for your neighbours, friends and loved ones, for example. Edit the text under “Happy Holidays” greeting to make this item truly personal.

Surprise someone you know with this adorable cartoon Santa Claus wishing Happy Holidays. Make the item personalised by writing your message under the “Happy Holidays” text.

This colorful Christmas lights design with text “Merry Christmas” makes a great gift for anybody! Customize the text under “Merry Christmas” with your name to make this product truly special.

Give this red and white box featuring a whimsical Christmas tree silhouette to someone in your life! Write your name under the “Merry Christmas” greeting to add your touch on the item!

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Cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Gifts

POSTED ON 09.20.2014 | CATEGORIES: Dog Breeds
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have the reputation as one of the best family dog breeds out there and it's no wonder with their kind and happy nature. This cute toy breed is now available on many products here at Destei. We have Cavalier King Charles Spaniel T-shirt, clocks, wallets, mugs, messenger bags, lamps, stationery paper and many more products featuring this adorable breed. We have drawn four different Cavalier King Charles Spaniel coat colors which are black and tan, blenheim, ruby and tricolor. Add some Cavalier cuteness to your life by shopping Destei's cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel themed gifts. Whether you are looking for a gift for someone you know or for yourself, we are positive that all Cavalier lovers will enjoy our products!

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Cute Cartoon Tibetan Spaniel Gifts

POSTED ON 09.17.2014 | CATEGORIES: Dog Breeds

What comes from the Himalayan mountains of Tibet? Well, we are talking about the Tibetan Spaniel dog breed, of course! This small and cute dog breed, sometimes even called by the name tibbie, is now available on thousands of products here at Destei starting from T-shirts to pillows, mugs and phone cases! We have illustrated Tibetan Spaniels in multiple coat colors and patterns so you can choose the dog that best matches the Tibetan Spaniel in your life or simply looks like your favorite kind of tibbie. For example, we have solid coat color Tibetan Spaniels such as black, cream and red. We also have parti-color Tibetan Spaniels as well as sable tibbies. Any Tibetan Spaniel lover would be thrilled to receive a gift this cute! Oh, and we at Destei believe that the tibbies themselves wouldn't mind a cute Tibetan Spaniel themed pet bowl or ID-tag personalized with their name either!

Do notice that you can also make your Tibetan Spaniel products truly personal by customizing them. For example, you could change the background color of the product from blue to orange or any other color you like. You could also write text on the item such as your dog's own name. The customization is easy to use and it could possibly make your Tibetan Spaniel product one of a kind.

To browse Destei's Tibetan Spaniel products, please head over to our Tibetan Spaniel section to see all the coat variations we have made. Here are some sample Tibetan Spaniel products we think you might love:

Show your love for Tibetan Spaniels with this cute tibbie shirt featuring a fawn sable Tibetan Spaniel dog together with a pink heart. Available on multiple shirt styles and colors.

Carry some Tibetan Spaniel cuteness always with you by wearing this stylish Tibetan Spaniel charm bracelet.

Decorate any home with this cute cream Tibetan Spaniel pillow. You could match it with our Tibetan Spaniel throw blanket too!

Pamper your own Tibetan Spaniel with this personalized dog ID-tag. On the front there is a cute Tibetan Spaniel illustration while on the back there are customizable text areas for the name of the dog and for a phone number.

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Discover cute and modern original graphic art on various products. These products include items such as T-shirts, phone cases, stationery, bags, mugs, pillows, clocks and more.

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